Bushey, St James Apostle

Tower Details Address:  High Street, Herts WD23 3BD (TQ130952) Bells:  8 Weight: 13-0-11 in F# Service Ringing:  Sunday 9.30 - 10.00 am Practice Ringing:  Thursday 7.30 - 9 pm Tower Contact: Stuart Brant, 35 Raglan Gardens, Watford, Herts WD19 4LJ, sbrant42@gmail.com, 07749 708988 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Stepney, St Dunstan

Tower Details Address: Stepney High Street, E1 0NR (TQ360816) Bells: 10 Weight: 28-3-0 in Db Service Ringing: Sunday 9.30–10.00 am Practice Ringing: Thursday 7.00–9.00 pm Toilets: Available in church Parking: Available outside the front of the church Tower Access: Entry via front door. If locked, navigate to south side of the tower and gently pull the weight/string hanging from the ringing room window to ring bell to alert of your presence (not whilst ringing in progress). Website: … [Read more...]

Highgate, St Anne

Tower Details Address: Southern end of Highgate West Hill, N6 6AP (TQ282864) Bells: 8 Weight: 12-3-21 in Fb. Service Ringing: 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday 10.00 – 10.55 am. Practice Ringing: Thursday 7.30–9.00 pm. Toilet: Yes Parking: Space for 6-8 cars in drive, street parking with parking restrictions. Tower Access: Spiral staircase in main entrance porch Tower contact: . Janet Betham, 74 North Road, London N6 4AA. 020 8340 1368 jrbetham@hotmail.com Tower Location … [Read more...]

Islington, St Mary

Tower Details Address: Upper Street, N1 2RX (TQ317838) Bells: 8 Weight: 16-1-21 in E Service Ringing: Sunday 5–6 pm (2nd), 10:30–11am (4th).  Please check.                                         Practice:  Thursday 7-8:30pm (1st), 7-9pm (3rd) incl. District Practice.                                                   Contact:  Janet Drake, 17 Quick St., N1 8HL 0207 278 9930  ejanetdrake@googlemail.com Toilet: Available Parking: On-street parking in Upper Street and streets nearby (parking … [Read more...]

Kensington, St Mary Abbots

Tower Details Address: Church Street, W8 4LA (TQ256797) Bells: 10 Weight: 32 cwt in C#. Service Ringing: Sunday 10.30–11.15 am (1st), 8.45–9.30 am (2nd, 3rd, 4th). 5th Sunday please check Practice Ringing: Thursday 7.30–9.15 pm. Tower contact: Andrew Hodgson bells@stmaryabbots.org.uk Tower Location … [Read more...]

Enfield, St Andrew

Tower Details Address: Market Place, EN2 6LS (TQ328966) Bells: 8 Weight: 19 3/4 cwt in E. Service Ringing: Sunday 8.45 - 9.15 am Practice Ringing: Thursdays, 7.30 - 9.00 pm. Visitors always welcome. Tower contact: Craig Ward of Lundie, cw@bluetwo.co.uk Tower Location … [Read more...]

Great Stanmore, St John the Evangelist

Tower Details Address: Uxbridge Road, HA7 4FD (TQ167922) Bells: 8 Weight: 12-0-19 in G. Service Ringing: Sunday 9.00–9.30 am Practice Ringing: Thursday 8.00–9.30 pm. Tower Contact: Susan Jones Tower Location … [Read more...]

Hanwell, St Mary

Tower Details Address: Church Road, W7 3BZ (TQ147807) Bells: 8 Weight: 6-0-6 in C Service Ringing: Sunday 10.00 - 10.30 am Practice Ringing: Thursday 8.00–9.30 pm Toilet: Yes, in church Parking: On street, restrictions apply Ringing currently suspended as of May 2023 due to loose stonework on the tower. Tower Contact: John Barrance, 43 Elmbank Way, Hanwell W7 3DF,  020 8578 0866 johnbarrance43@gmail.com Tower Location … [Read more...]

Ashford, St Matthew

Tower Details Address:  Church Road, TW15 2ED (TQ073715) Bells:  5 Weight:  5-1-0 in Bb Service Ringing:  Sunday 9.00–9.30 am Practice Ringing: Thursday 7.00–8.00 pm (1st, 3rd & 5th). (2nd and 4th at Stanwell) Tower contact: Chris Marshall, 53 Feltham Road, Ashford TW15 1DQ, chris.marshall47@talktalk.net, 01784 229481 /07443 929828 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Smithfield, St Bartholomew the Great

Tower Details Address: St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield, EC1A 9DS (TQ319817) Bells: 5 Weight: 5 1⁄2 cwt in B Service Ringing: Sunday 4.15-5.00 pm (1st & 3rd) Practice Ringing: some Thursdays 6.00 (prompt)-7.00 pm Please note that since the cloister garth is overlooked by apartments in the Barts Square development , and an existing apartment (former office) block is within a stone’s throw of unblocked louvres, requests for recreational ringing are normally … [Read more...]