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Monica Blagrove – funeral arrangements

Monica Blagrove, a ringer at Windsor (St John) and, until recently, at Windsor (H. M. Free Chapel of St George), and an Association Member for sixty years, died at home on Friday 25th October, aged 78.   Her funeral will take place on Tuesday 12th November at noon at St Andrew's Church, Clewer, Windsor.  In accordance with Monica's wishes, the ringing before will be in the Continental style by the Clewer ringers.  After the service the bells will be available for general ringing and … [Read more...]

Autumn General Meeting

The Autumn General Meeting of the Association will take place on Saturday 12th October 2013 at St Mary's Church, Kilburn, from 5pm, preceded by general ringing and tea.  The full timetable is given below. Notice has been given that a proposed change to the Association rules regarding the election/ratification of members will be tabled.  The amended rule, with additions in bold, is given below. There will also be consideration of changes to the rules of the Association Striking … [Read more...]

A New Inter-District Striking Competition

At the Autumn General Meeting on 12th October 2013 there will be a proposal to introduce a new Inter-District Striking Competition with a new cup (The Roger Bailey Cup) to replace the current competition for the Audrey Taylor Cup (the plinth of which is now full and covers the period that the Association had three districts). Proposed rules for the new competition are attached here:Roger Bailey Cup Any comments on these rules should be forwarded to: James White … [Read more...]

Bell Restoration Fund Report & Accounts for 2012

To address the compliance requirements of the Charity Commission and to provide Association members and others with details of the activity of the Bell Restoration Fund and its financial performance, the Trustees of the Bell Restoration Fund have decided to produce a standalone document incorporating both the accounts and related officers' reports and background information on the Bell Restoration Fund. This is now available here: BRF Annual Report & Accounts 2012. … [Read more...]