Membership of the Association is available to anyone interested in supporting our aims & objectives. You don’t have to be a bell ringer though we encourage every ringer who normally rings at a tower in the Diocese to join. Details of various membership options are on the table below but all start with Ordinary Membership.

Persons wishing to join should complete a Membership Application Form and submit them plus the relevant fee to the appropriate District Secretary who will also be able to provide any assistance in completing the form. New members are formally elected at any minuted District Meeting.

For details of subscriptions and benefits of membership see the Table of Subscription Fees and Benefits 2019.

Membership details are held securely by the Membership Secretary in a computer database.  Please read the Association’s GDPR Data Privacy Notice to find out how we hold and process members’ personal data.

Association Peals – Membership requirements. Every member of a peal band should be a member of the Association, either Ordinary or Associate (anyone who has paid membership for one year is an Associate member for life). The relevant rules are in the Annual Report under Rule 7 (page 50 in the 2021-22 Report). If a member of the band is not yet a member of the Association, they can be elected prior to the peal (Rule 2.2.1) and then ratified at a District or Association meeting. In practice, the election is not held formally before the peal, but is deemed to have happened if the peal is successful. The organiser should then arrange for the joining fee to be paid (currently £10), and for the election to be notified to their District Secretary or the Membership Secretary to arrange for ratification. As a minimum, an email address for the new member should be provided so that they may receive the links for Bell News and the Annual Report – although ideally the new member should complete a membership application form.