City of London, St Paul’s Cathedral

Tower Details Address:  St Paul’s, Cathedral, EC4M 8AD (TQ319811) Bells:  12 Weight: 61-2-12 in Bb. Sunday by invitation only; ringing arranged by The St Paul’s Cathedral Guild of Ringers. Tower contact: Simon Read Tower Location … [Read more...]

Holborn Viaduct, Holy Sepulchre

Tower Details Address:  Holy Sepulchre, Holborn Viaduct, EC1A 7AA (TQ317814) Bells:  12 Weight:  28-2- 16 in Db All ringing by arrangement. Tower contact: James Watkins 07920 853 967 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Foster Lane, St Vedast

Tower Details Address:  St Vedast, Foster Lane, EC2V 6HH (TQ322812)Bells:  6Weight:  16-2-16 in FService Ringing:  10.15– 11.00 amPractice Ringing: Monday 6.00–9.00 pm (6-7 pm silent) Tower contact: Rachel Billinge     Tower Location … [Read more...]

Holborn, St Andrew

Tower Details Address:  St Andrew, Holborn, EC1 2HB (TQ314815) Bells:  8 Weight: 18-1-21 in F. SRCY Ringing by arrangement. Tower contact: Jane Wilkinson 01234 575 414 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Smithfield, St Bartholomew the Great

Tower Details Address: St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield, EC1A 9DS (TQ319817) Bells: 5 Weight: 5 1⁄2 cwt in B Service Ringing: Sunday 4.15-5.00 pm (1st & 3rd) Practice Ringing: some Thursdays 6.00 (prompt)-7.00 pm Please note that since the cloister garth is overlooked by apartments in the Barts Square development , and an existing apartment (former office) block is within a stone’s throw of unblocked louvres, requests for recreational ringing are normally … [Read more...]

Aldgate, St Botolph Without

Tower Details Address:  St Botolph Without, Aldgate, EC3N 1AB (TQ336813) Bells:  8 Weight:  25-0-7 in C# Service Ringing:  Sunday 9.45–10.30 am Practice Ringing:   Friday 7.30–9.00 pm Tower contact: Paula Prichard-Duggan, 07809 425156 Occasional midweek lunchtime ringing (contact Ant Brickell, 07960 495641 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Bishopsgate, St Botolph

Tower Details Address: St Botolph, Bishopsgate, EC2M 3TL (TQ332815) Bells: 8 Weight: 17-1-6 in D Service Ringing: Wednesday 12.15–1.10 pm Practice Ringing: None Tower Contact: John Adams,  07970 150 707 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Fleet Street, St Dunstan-in-the-West

Tower Details Address:  St Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street EC4A 2HR (TQ312811) Bells:  10 Weight:  10-3-23 in G. Ringing by arrangement Tower contact: Dickon Love,, 07983 352279, 10, Wharton Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3LF     Tower Location … [Read more...]

Cripplegate, St Giles

Tower Details Address:  St Giles, Cripplegate, EC2Y 8BB (TQ323817) Bells:  12 Weight:  34-0-6 in Db plus sharp 2nd Service Ringing: Sunday 9.30 - 10.00 am by arrangement only Tower contact: Richard Pullin Tower Location … [Read more...]

Garlick Hill, St James Garlickhythe

Tower Details Address: St James Garlickhythe, Garlick Hill EC4V 2AL (TQ323808) Bells: 8 (The Royal Jublilee Bells) Weight: 9-1-25 in G# Service Ringing: Sunday 11.30 am (1st & 3rd) Practice Ringing: Thursday 6.30-8pm Toilets: Available inside church Tower contact: Dickon Love,, 07983 352279, 10, Wharton Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3LF Tower Location … [Read more...]