Newsletter (Bell News)

Middlesex Bell News is the newsletter of the MCA & LDG. It is produced quarterly, at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

It contains items of news concerning the Association as a whole (news of new officers elected at the AGM, for instance, or obituaries) or else individual Districts (outings, fund-raising events, notable pieces of ringing).

On the back is a handy calendar of events for the 3 months covered by the issue It is free to members.

Bell News is distributed online to those on the Association mailing list, and is available to all by clicking on the link below.

Items for inclusion should be sent to the editor, Anthony Davey  at, no later than the middle of the month before the publication date (e.g. mid-Feb for the March issue).

All contributions are welcome and will be acknowledged. Sometimes it may be necessary to shorten items, or hold them over,  if there is not enough space.  Photos are very welcome, but please make sure that any person identifiable in a photo has given permission for publication.

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