Bell Restoration Committee

The Association has an active and experienced Bell Restoration Committee (BRC) headed by
the Bell Restoration Officer (BRO). The BRC administers the Bell Restoration Fund (BRF)
which meets twice a year (usually March and October) at which applications for grants are
reviewed. This includes bells not hung for full circle ringing.

The BRC undertakes inspections and offers advice and practical assistance on bell matters
throughout the Diocese of London. In addition the BRC can provide experienced volunteer
labour which can save many thousands of pounds on major projects.

Courses on bell maintenance are available either as part of the Training Programme
or tailored to meet individual tower needs (e.g. newly appointed Steeple Keeper).

The District Representative on the BRC are:

The committee has an industrial vacuum cleaner, a circular saw and a folding ladder. These
are available for use in towers via the BRO.