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Roger Bailey Cup Striking Competition

The inaugural striking competition for the ‘Roger Bailey Cup’ took place at Hillingdon (St John the Baptist) on the afternoon of Saturday 26th April, with 40 members taking part. Two teams from each District rang 287 Grandsire Caters, and the ringing was judged by Lucy Woodward, to whom we were most grateful, not least for disregarding the prevailing weather conditions in the churchyard whilst carrying out the task so proficiently! Lucy reported to the Association’s AGM that by far the best … [Read more...]

Association AGM

The Association AGM at Uxbridge (St Margaret) on 26th April was very well attended, with 50 members signing the register of attendance (and some people escaping without doing so!). The key outcomes were as follows: 1. Two grants were approved from the Bell Restoration Fund: i  All Hallows, Twickenham – up to £4000 ii St Mary the Virgin, Norwood Green – up to £10,000 2. Reports were received from all the Association’s officers, most of which are printed in the Annual report 2013-14, … [Read more...]

Acton Sixth Rehung !

The sixth bell at Acton suffered a broken gudgeon during ringing in September 2013 and all ringing was suspended at Acton until the bell could be stabilised.  This was done in January 2014 and the broken gudgoen was removed shortly afterwards with a hope of a repair. Today, 7th April, the sixth bell has now been rehung not with a repaired gudgeon but with a newly made one! The work both the stabilise the bell and to rehang it with the new gudgeon was carried out by Stephen Jakeman, … [Read more...]