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Janets’ Jaunts on BBC

”In Ramblings (Radio 4, 19 March) last week, Clare Balding joined a community no less intense in its expression of faith, though somewhat noisier. Bell-ringers are an order of sorts, if not exactly a closed one; and it is greatly to Balding's credit that she managed, in her conversations with her fellow-walkers, to steer clear of campanological jargon, and stories of high jinks in the bell chamber. But this was no ordinary group of bell-ringers; and not just because it took them three hours … [Read more...]

Janets’ Jaunts on Radio 4

Janets' Jaunt were recently featured on Clare Balding's BBC Radio 4 programme "Ramblings". It was an excellent advertisement for bellringing. You can listen to it on the BBC iPlayer … [Read more...]