Bell News 111 September 2022

The September issue of Bell News is now available on the Association Info page, under Newsletter. It contains articles on activity in the London area, and a useful calendar guide to ringing practices and events. … [Read more...]

Bell News 110 June 2022

The June issue of Bell News is now available on the Association Info page, under Newsletter. It contains articles on activity in the London area, and a useful calendar guide to ringing practices and events. … [Read more...]

Quarter Peal fortnight

It is nearly time for the North and East Quarter Peal fortnight to begin! Our quarter peal fortnight runs from Saturday 21st May until Sunday 5th June and we know that lots of the ringing from Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th June will be linked to the Platinum Jubilee. As you complete your quarter peals please submit them to Bellboard and link them to our event: By clicking here you will see what has been successfully rung as we go along. You can … [Read more...]

MCA & LDG AGM – 23rd April

In 2022 the Association AGM is being hosted by South & West District at Uxbridge. The Inter-District Striking Competition for Roger Bailey trophy will be at 2.30 pm at St Andrew's Church. There will be general ringing at St Margaret’s after competition with the tea and meeting following. There will be more ringing at St Margaret's (if required) after the meeting. See the calendar for more detailed timings in due course. … [Read more...]

N&E District ADM

On Saturday 19th February the North & East District held its Annual District Meeting at St John at Hackney. It was lovely to have more than 40 ringers join the ringing, service and tea and we are grateful to the Hackney band for all the work which went into arranging the afternoon (and especially the tea). Particular thanks go to Chris Weavers and Rev’d Erin Clark for the ringing at Bethnal Green, Rev’d Christa Brodie-Levinsohn for leading the service at St John at Hackney, Hadley Hunter … [Read more...]

S&W District ADM

The South & West District Annual Meeting took place on Saturday 8th January, with twenty eight members joining via Zoom, and ten apologies received. The six members who had passed during year were fondly remembered, and thanks were given to Janet Baker (Pinner), who has retired from ringing, for her contributions to ringing and the District posts she has held.  Four new members were elected during the meeting and they are wished every success in bell ringing. The S&W District … [Read more...]

S&W District March Ringing Meeting

The S&W District Practice on Saturday 12th March is being held at St Mary's Church, Acton from 1130 to 1300. Someone will be at the main door of the church for the first half hour. Please call James White on 07931 195595 for access after that. After suffering from broken wheels in 2018, the bells were fitted with brand new wheels in the late summer of 2019 and ringing restarted in September of that year after a gap of 18 months. The pandemic gave rise to another 18 months of no ringing … [Read more...]

CCCBR Weekend – Sunday Service Ringing, 8th September

CCCBR Weekend - Sunday Service Ringing The Middlesex Association welcomes CCCBR members and others to London for the activities over the weekend of the CCCBR Meeting. In addition to the towers mentioned in the CCCBR publicity material, the following towers in and around Central London have confirmed that Sunday morning service ringing will take place, and visitors will be welcome.  Do please get in touch with the tower contacts (via the web forms on the tower pages reached by clicking … [Read more...]

MCA & LDG AGM, 27th April

Details of the timetable for the MCA & LDG AGM are now published and are as follows: 1400 to 1530 Striking Competition at Aldgate1500 to 1600 Service Ringing at Cree1600 to 1630 Service at Cree1630 to 1730 Tea at Cree1730 to 1900 Meeting at Cree1900 to 2000 General Ringing at Aldgate St Katharine Cree, Leadenhall Street, EC3A 2DXSt Botolph Without, Aldgate, EC3N 1AB … [Read more...]

Dennis Brock 100

Friday, 23 November 2018 Dennis Brock rang a Quarter Peal for his 100th Birthday. Not only ringing a quarter for his 100th birthday, mentioned in Prime Minister's Questions and the BBC London News and National radio. 55:27 into this episode of BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House BBC London News … [Read more...]