Planning for 2024

It is time to plan for 2024 events and officers. Note that each district holds its planning meeting and then Annual District Meeting at the start of the year to agree the programme for district practices and events and to elect the Officers who will organise and run these practices and events. The S&W ADM is on Saturday 13th January at St John the Baptist Church, Pinner starting with general ringing at 3pm. The N&E planning meeting is on Saturday 20th January at St Botolph's without … [Read more...]

AGM & Inter-district Striking Competition

This Annual General Meeting is the first Association meeting in our Anniversary year, 125 years since the Middlesex Association was formed. We celebrate this by coming together on Saturday 22 April 2023 as follows: 10:30 - 11:30 - Inter-district Striking Competition at St Mary, Upper Street, Islington for the Roger Bailey Cup. The rest of the day is at St Mary Magdalene Church, Holloway Rd, London N7 8LS 11:30 - 12:30 - General Ringing 12:30 service 1:00 - 2:00 - … [Read more...]

N&E Third Saturdays

As always, the North and East District has an activity on the third Saturday of every month to bring ringers together and we have now defined the third Saturday activities for the next few months so please mark these dates in your diary. 20th May - Six bell striking competition at St Mary Magdalene Enfield 17th June - full day outing to Reading 15th July - local afternoon outing for Learners 19th August - half day outing for summer sun 16th September - Open House … [Read more...]

Two Significant Quarter Peals in opposite corners of the Association

On 22 & 24 February 2 Quarter Peals were scored in opposite corners of the Association. Sonia Field conducted a Quarter Peal of Plain Bob Doubles on World Thinking Day which was Jo’s first quarter as treble and Luke’s first on an inside bell at Harrow Weald in the North West corner of the Association. World Thinking Day band A couple of days later in the far South East of the Association Louise Booth conducted a Quarter Peal of Flying Scotsman Doubles which gave Edward his … [Read more...]

Bell News 111 September 2022

The September issue of Bell News is now available on the Association Info page, under Newsletter. It contains articles on activity in the London area, and a useful calendar guide to ringing practices and events. … [Read more...]

Dennis Brock 100

Friday, 23 November 2018 Dennis Brock rang a Quarter Peal for his 100th Birthday. Not only ringing a quarter for his 100th birthday, mentioned in Prime Minister's Questions and the BBC London News and National radio. 55:27 into this episode of BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House BBC London News … [Read more...]

S&W Striking Competition

6 teams took part in this year’s competition, which was held in hot sunshine at Cranford.  The judges were Steve Jakeman, Angela McLellan and Debbie Malin.  In the order in which they rang, the bands were: 1  Acton           Grandsire Minor      48.5 faults 2  Hillingdon      Plain Bob Minor      33 … [Read more...]

N&E Striking Competition

We had a sunny afternoon at Wood Green for the North and East district six bell striking competition and listened to the bells, interrupted only by motorbikes and emergency sirens, from the church yard. Nine teams competed, including two Novice teams, and the judges were complimentary of the overall standard achieved. Here are the results for all teams: 1 - Islington St James, 5 faults 2 - Aldgate, 9 faults 3 - Enfield St Andrews, 13 faults 4 - Kilburn St Augustine’s, 17 faults 5 - Hackney, 20 … [Read more...]

St Paul’s Bells Project Update June 2018

The 12 bells of St Paul’s have hung in the Cathedral’s north west tower since 1878. Over the years the bells have rung out for coronations, jubilees, royal births and other great national and City occasions including the annual Lord Mayor’s Show. After 140 years of near constant use, the bells and their frame were beginning to show signs of significant deterioration — posing the real risk of the bells in time falling silent. In partnership with ringers, City Livery Companies, the City of London … [Read more...]

Ringing Remembers Poster

Please find attached the Ringing Remembers Poster from Big Ideas Co who are working with the CCCBR on the Ringing Remembers campaign.  Please circulate this to your towers and encourage them to put it up in church and village notice boards.  There will be a suite of images available to download from the CCCBR website to use on other material as well. There will be some limited numbers of printed posters available, and a trifold information leaflet at the ART conference at the … [Read more...]