CCCBR Weekend – Sunday Service Ringing, 8th September

CCCBR Weekend – Sunday Service Ringing

The Middlesex Association welcomes CCCBR members and others to London for the activities over the weekend of the CCCBR Meeting.

In addition to the towers mentioned in the CCCBR publicity material, the following towers in and around Central London have confirmed that Sunday morning service ringing will take place, and visitors will be welcome.  Do please get in touch with the tower contacts (via the web forms on the tower pages reached by clicking on the tower names below) if you are planning to go along.  In some cases it may mean that back bells, not usually rung, will be rung up and ringing can take place on more bells.

Aldgate 0950 to 1030
Clerkenwell 1215 to 1300
Islington (St James) 0930 to 1000
Kilburn (St Augustine) 1000 to 1030
Pimlico (St Saviour) 1000 to 1030