N&E Striking Competition

We had a sunny afternoon at Wood Green for the North and East district six bell striking competition and listened to the bells, interrupted only by motorbikes and emergency sirens, from the church yard.
Nine teams competed, including two Novice teams, and the judges were complimentary of the overall standard achieved.

Here are the results for all teams:
1 – Islington St James, 5 faults
2 – Aldgate, 9 faults
3 – Enfield St Andrews, 13 faults
4 – Kilburn St Augustine’s, 17 faults
5 – Hackney, 20 faults
6 – Barnet, 25 faults
7 – Aldgate Novices, 33 faults
8 – Tottenham, 34 faults
9 – Islington St James Novices, 89 faults

Margaret presented the cups to Islington St James for the overall competition and Aldgate Novices as the winning teams at the end of the afternoon.

Steve took photos of each team as well as organising the church access, the refreshments and the judges so, as usual, thanks go to Steve for all the organisational help.

We are grateful to Stephen and Tracey Coley for judging the competition. Stephen told us that when he was a regular at Wood Green he rang in a striking competition there and the judges reported that the band ‘were clearly unfamiliar with the bells’ so judging is no easy task but we were happy with the fair and informative report on our ringing.


Lucy Chandhial