S&W Striking Competition

6 teams took part in this year’s competition, which was held in hot sunshine at Cranford.  The judges were Steve Jakeman, Angela McLellan and Debbie Malin.  In the order in which they rang, the bands were:

1  Acton           Grandsire Minor      48.5 faults

2  Hillingdon      Plain Bob Minor      33 faults

3  Twickenham S    Plain Bob Minor      36 faults

4  Twickenham O    Call Changes         68 faults

5  Chiswick        Grandsire Doubles    23 faults

6  Staines         Grandsire Doubles    28 faults

The three winning teams are Chiswick, Staines, and Hillingdon, who will join last year’s winners and 3 teams from N&E in the finals on October 20, venue to be confirmed, near Hayes.

Mike Wigney