Roger Bailey Cup Striking Competition

Roger Bailey Cup presented 26-04-14 (800x600)The inaugural striking competition for the ‘Roger Bailey Cup’ took place at Hillingdon (St John the Baptist) on the afternoon of Saturday 26th April, with 40 members taking part. Two teams from each District rang 287 Grandsire Caters, and the ringing was judged by Lucy Woodward, to whom we were most grateful, not least for disregarding the prevailing weather conditions in the churchyard whilst carrying out the task so proficiently!

Lucy reported to the Association’s AGM that by far the best ringing of the afternoon was achieved by the first S&W District team, but unfortunately this touch ‘came round’ with two bells crossed over, due to an error in the calling.

The Cup was therefore won by the first N&E District team and presented by the judge to N&E master Alec Gray.

The full results were:

  1. N&E first team        71%
  2. N&E second team   49%
  3. S&W second team  42%
  4. S&W first team       84%*

* disqualified

(See below for team photographs)

Having so many people take part in a competition was something of a ‘first’ for the Association. We hope to build on this success in the 2015 competition, to be held on 25 April 2015 (venue to be decided).

Stephen Mitchell, General Secretary

N&E first team

N&E A 26-04-14 (800x600)Sarah Taylor, Martin Sutcliffe, Martin Clode, John Thorp, Debbie Malin, Alec Gray, Stephen Jakeman, Jinny Kufluk, Kevin Turner, Christopher Giddins





N&E second team

N&E B 26-04-14 (800x600)Colin Friend, Pauline Dingley, Janet Drake, Philip Vracas, Helen Udal, Adrian Udal, Michael Royalton-Kisch, Paul Norman, Mark Harris, Hans Rashbrook




S&W second team

S&W B 26-04-14 (800x600)Peter Kemp, Ray Pearce, Michael Sprackling, Otto Benz, Monica Trow, Richard Jones, Chris Lomax, Louise Booth, Jill Wigney, John Manley





S&W first team

S&W A 26-04-14 (800x600)Mary Gow, David Jackson, Louise Palmer, Linda Foddering, Geraldine Forster, Roger Forster, Christopher O’Mahony, Stephen Mitchell, Michael Palmer, James White