Change of email address

Later this month the old address for the Middlesex web site will stop working. The official address of the Middlesex web site is: and has been for the last 5 years. If you have any bookmarks or links to please updated them to the correct address. … [Read more...]

S&W Striking Competition

6 teams took part in this year’s competition, which was held in hot sunshine at Cranford.  The judges were Steve Jakeman, Angela McLellan and Debbie Malin.  In the order in which they rang, the bands were: 1  Acton           Grandsire Minor      48.5 faults 2  Hillingdon      Plain Bob Minor      33 faults 3  Twickenham S  Plain Bob Minor      36 faults 4  Twickenham O  Call Changes         68 faults 5  Chiswick        Grandsire Doubles    23 … [Read more...]

N&E Striking Competition

We had a sunny afternoon at Wood Green for the North and East district six bell striking competition and listened to the bells, interrupted only by motorbikes and emergency sirens, from the church yard. Nine teams competed, including two Novice teams, and the judges were complimentary of the overall standard achieved. Here are the results for all teams: 1 - Islington St James, 5 faults 2 - Aldgate, 9 faults 3 - Enfield St Andrews, 13 faults 4 - Kilburn St Augustine’s, 17 faults 5 - … [Read more...]