N&E Training needs assessment update

To all N&E Tower Captains,

Thank you very much for your input to the training needs assessment in April/May.

We had responses from 27 towers, giving a good perspective on the needs of bands across the district. We also had 18 offers of help, to either lead or support training sessions.

A document is attached summarising the key findings. Based on these we have built an outline District training programme for the next 18 months, which is also attached.

In delivering this programme we will be relying heavily on the offers of assistance which we have received. Success will also depend everyone’s help to ensure that those ringers who would benefit do sign up for the training courses which are arranged! Therefore, please publicise future training courses among your ‘target’ learners as and when they are announced.

The outline programme is not yet set in stone and will be reviewed quarterly, so if you have any specific requests, please do let us know. The final programme for 2017 will be agreed at the District Planning Meeting in January and included in the district schedule so that everyone is aware of the training events taking place across the year.

One key finding from the survey is that there is clearly some demand for a level of support which goes beyond the scope of conventional training and falls into the category of ‘band aid’ or ‘band build’, involving intensive help at regular practice nights for a defined period.

Although our first priority is to finalise the district training programme, we would like to assess the demand for ‘band aid’ more fully. Therefore, if you have a specific objective where you feel some intensive support would make a difference, please let us know.

This could for example include some intensive help to enable your band or some of its members make a ‘step change’ to the next level of ringing.

Please let us have any requests by 31st October. You’ll need to give us a specific objective and timeframe within which you believe your objective can be achieved. Based on the demand, we will then put together our recommendations as to how a ‘band aid’ programme for 2017 could be resourced and led, with the aim of meeting some or all of these requests, for consideration at the District Planning Meeting.

Thank you again to all those who took part in the survey and particularly those who kindly offered to support the training programme by acting as helpers and tutors.

Helen Porter
Clyde Whittaker

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