2017 Handbell striking competition results

The 2017 handbell Striking competitions took place in the majestic surroundings of Harrow School on Saturday 6 June, as part of the annual handbell day.
The competitions were judged by Roger and Kath Baldwin, thus:
The 6-bell Competition for “The Goodfellow Cup” attracted four entries.  Results were as follows:
1st (17 faults) – Chiswick, ringing Plain Bob Minor
2nd (30 faults) – Southwark, ringing Kent T B Minor
3rd (45 faults) – Harrow, ringing Plain Bob Minor
4th (46 faults) – Hendon, ringing Plain Bob Minor
The 8-bell competition for “The Phil Cuckson Shield” attracted three entries.  Results were as follows:
1st (39 faults) – Harrow, ringing Kent T B Major
2nd (53 faults) – “The Band Room”, ringing Lincolnshire S Major
3rd (95 faults) – Twickenham, ringing Yorkshire S Major
Thanks to Christopher O’Mahony for organising the day.
2017 8-bell handbell winners

Harrow, 8-bell winners

2017 6-bell handbell winners

Chiswick, 6-bell winners