Autumn General Meeting

The Autumn General Meeting of the Association will take place on Saturday 12th October 2013 at St Mary’s Church, Kilburn, from 5pm, preceded by general ringing and tea.  The full timetable is given below.

Notice has been given that a proposed change to the Association rules regarding the election/ratification of members will be tabled.  The amended rule, with additions in bold, is given below.

There will also be consideration of changes to the rules of the Association Striking Competitions, following the merger of the Southern and Western Districts earlier in the year (so that there are now just two Districts of the Association).


Sat, 12 October, 13:45 – 19:00, Autumn General Meeting Events at Kilburn

1345 – 1545 Six Bell Striking Competition at St Augustine’s (six teams are expected)
Then at St Mary’s:
1500 – 1600 General Ringing
1600 – 1700 Tea
1700 – 1800 Meeting (followed by short prayers)
1800 – 1900 (approx.) General RingingProposed rule change (marked in bold)
“2.2.1      Ordinary Members shall be elected at any minuted District Meeting, or provisionally (proposed and seconded) at any other Association or District event or prior to a peal, to be confirmed at the next minuted District Meeting or Association Meeting. Ordinary Members shall…..”