Middlesex Association Logo Clothing

I have had one or two enquiries about the next clothing order and will be submitting one at the end of September.  It is probably too late to have them available for the Autumn General Meeting but hopefully I will have them by the end of October and can distribute them at the various District Meetings thereafter, or at the Christmas Shopping meeting, so they should be with you by Christmas at the latest.  So get a present for your loved one now!  Prices have risen slightly but I have still kept them below the Surrey ones so they are still a bargain.

The website for colours, sizing, etc. is given below.  Any item may be ordered with the Middlesex logo; if it is not on the order form please contact me for a price.  Please remember that the “ladies” versions are generally shorter and more fitted so only order these if you are sure that is what you want!

An order form is available below but if you would like me to email you an order form now just let me know.

Jill Wigney: jill.wigney@googlemail.com

Clothing Catalogue

Clothing Order Form 2014 (PDF)