Challenge Accepted!

Few people will be aware that the Rhodesia Plate Striking Competition Trophy (awarded to the team, other than the winners of the Association Plate, ringing the best 120 in the six bell striking competition at the Association Autumn General Meeting) was intended to be a challenge trophy, that is, at any point the holder can be challenged for it.

On 1st October 2018 at St Clement Danes the first ever challenge competition took place between Stepney (St Dunstan), the winner in 2018, and challenger Acton (St Mary), holder of the Association Plate.

The rules followed those used at the Annual Six Bell Striking Competition, with both teams ringing two 120s of Doubles or Minor separated by a number of whole pulls of rounds with the 120s marked individually.

The judge for this event was William Willans from Bath who joined members of both bands for a short practice afterwards during which the results were announced and touches of Grandsire Triples, Stedman Caters and Grandsire Caters were rung.  The judge advised they he “awarded” a quarter fault for an unevenness, a half fault for a clash, and a full fault for a more significant disturbance.  Both bands rang Grandsire Doubles.

The Acton band of Louise Booth, Adrian Udal, Colin Friend, Linda Foddering, James White (C) and John Payne rang first and chalked up 3.5 faults for the first 120, and 4.25 faults for the second.

The Stepney band of Gregory Rose, Joe Tilley, Elizabeth LeMoine, Christopher Rimmer, Dave Bassford (C) and Tue Sando rang second and scored 9.75 faults (after an early trip, but fortunately with a good recovery) and 6.75 faults.

Thus the Acton now hold (metaphorically, as Stepney forgot to bring the trophy) both the Rhodesia Plate and Association Plate but only for 19 days until the competition at Cranford as part of the Association Autumn General Meeting.  Hopefully both bands will be there to take part!