Bell Restoration Fund 200 Club Report 2011

It has been another successful year for the 200 Club. Thanks again go to all members, old and new, for their continuing support. New members are always welcome.

During the year, 2 subscriptions lapsed and there were 13 new subscriptions. The number of subscriptions at the end of the year was 120. 25 members have more than one subscription and there are 16 tower/group memberships.

There were 33 x £50 prize winners : Alex Gray, Geraldine Forster, Margaret Pratt (2), Suzanne Daniels (2), Margaret Peirce, Jonathan Slack, Richard Morgan, Audrey Wakeling, Hugo Deadman, Catherine Giddens, The Charmborough Trust, David Rixon, Debbie Malin, John Barrance, Katie Ginger, David Barrance, Maryanne Roach, Margi Forrest, Suzanna Keusch, Helen Schofield (2), Rowena Scott, St John the Baptist Barnet, Janet Drake (2), Julia Gilbert, Monica Trow, St John the Baptist Hackney (2), Steve Douglas and Elizabeth Young.

The £1000 prize drawn at the AGM in April was won by Ruth Jakeman. There was no £500 prize available at the ADM in October.

Ian Callander