125 years of the Middlesex County Association

On Sunday 9th October Association general ringing at Christ Church, Isle of Dogs included some ringing to celebrate 125 years of the Middlesex County Association (as formed in 1897). We rang called changes to 12573468 (similar to Queens but keeping the 2 after the 1 instead of the 3) and we rang 125 changes of Grandsire Triples in a touch called by Martin Clode after some fast learning to memorise the calls.

Every tower can find an occasion to ring for the 125 year anniversary and record it on Bellboard, linked to this event: https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/event.php?id=15461. You can find a choice of touches here: https://www.ringing.info/david-leach/grandsire/gshort.htm
The first peal of Middlesex Bob Triples, rung by the Middlesex Association, was at Hendon in May 1998 as part of celebrating 100 years of the Association so there is time to do something similar for the 125 year anniversary (Middlesex Delight Minor and Middlesex Surprise Royal are also options)!