Ringing and keeping in touch – Winter 2020

As the clocks go back we have now had a full summer season with almost no tower ringing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we can expect to go through the winter with more Virtual opportunities than tower ringing and face to face socialising.

More than half the towers who usually have a regular weekly practice are continuing to meet Virtually for a practice or social get together.Many are using ringing room for general practices but it also used for handbell practices and specific focused training sessions or method practices. You can find available practices with people from all over the world via the Facebook group Ringing Room Take Hold Lounge but you can also join practices within the Middlesex Association in a similar way to joining tower practices in pre-Covid times.

If you have not yet tried www.ringingroom.co.uk or you would like more opportunities to join a ringing room practice you can contact Mike or I with information about your experience and your availability and we will do our best to connect you with a relevant practice.

Lucy Chandhial N&ESecretary@bellringing.london
Mike Wigney S&WSecretary@bellringing.london

The website calendar is now showing the planned Virtual activities (as well as the previously planned tower based events). The number of Virtual events will grow for this winter and this will be communicated on the calendar and via the email list. Look for Virtual in the title and join us for social events and practices which are open to all.