Bushey, St James Apostle

Tower Details Address:  High Street, Herts WD23 3BD (TQ130952) Bells:  8 Weight: 13-0-11 in F# Service Ringing:  Sunday 9 - 9.30 am Practice Ringing:  Thursday 7.30 - 9 pm (not 1st) Tower Contact: Stuart Brant, 35 Raglan Gardens, Watford, Herts WD19 4LJ, sbrant42@gmail.com, 07749 708988 Tower Location … [Read more...]

Westminster, St Stephen

Tower Details Address: St Stephen, Rochester Row, SW1P 1LE (TQ295790) Bells: 8 Weight: 23-0-00 in C# Service Ringing: Sunday 11.15–11.45 am (approx) Practice Ringing:  Occasional practices 4th Friday 6:30-8:00 pm. Subject to change at short notice – please contact to confirm A restoration of these bells has recently been completed. Tower contact: David Holdridge,  david.holdridge@ntlworld.com Tower Location … [Read more...]

Willesden, St Mary

Tower Details Address: Church End, Neasden Lane, NW10 2TT (TQ215848) Bells: 8 Weight: 7-3-7 in Bb. Service Ringing: Sunday 10.00–10.30 am Practice Ringing: Tuesday 7.30–9.00 pm (contact to confirm) Tower contact: David Wilson  0208 449 5533 / 0795 522 2770 davidwilson_em2@yahoo.co.uk       Tower Location … [Read more...]

Barnet, St John the Baptist

Tower Details Address:  Wood Street, Herts EN5 4BW (TQ246965) Bells:  8 Weight:  22-3-15 in D Service Ringing:  Sunday 8.55–9.30 am Practice Ringing:  Monday 7.45–9.15 pm. Tower contact: Anne Pegum, 020 8441 4848 / 07900 177147 pegums@gmail.com Tower Location … [Read more...]

Windsor, St John the Baptist

Tower Details Address:  High Street, Berk SL4 1LD (SU968768) Bells:  8 Weight:  17-2-11 in Eb Service Ringing: Sunday 10.45-11.15 am (phone to confirm) Other ringing by arrangement Tower contact: Frank Blagrove, 57 St Andrews Crescent, Windsor, Berks SL4 4EP 01753 853463. Tower Location … [Read more...]

Wraysbury, St Andrew

Tower Details Wraysbury, St Andrew, Berks, St Andrews Close, TW19 5DG (TQ002739) 8 bells 9-2-26 in G. Sunday 10.15–11.00 (4th only); Practice Wednesday 7.30–9.00pm. Tower Contact: Roger Lewiston, 07973 725682, roger.lewiston@virgin.net Tower Location … [Read more...]

Spitalfields, Christ Church

Tower Details Address:  Commercial Street, E1 6QQ (TQ337818) Bells:  8 Weight:  17-1-6 in E Service Ringing:  Sunday 10.00-10.30 (1st only)–phone to confirm Practice Ringing:  no regular practice. Tower contact: Alan Regin, 39 Maud Road, Plaistow, London E13 0JT. Home: 020 8471 7045. Email aregin5040@gmail.com   Tower Location … [Read more...]

St George in the East

Tower Details Address: 14 Cannon Street Road, E1 0BH (TQ347808) Bells: 8 Weight: 6- 0-9 in C All ringing by arrangement - please use the contact form.   Use the contact form below to make arrangements.    Tower Location … [Read more...]

Staines, St Mary

Tower Details Address: Vicarage Road, TW18 4ZB (TQ031718) Bells: 8 Weight: 16-3-1 in F Service Ringing: Sunday 10.30–11.15 am Practice Ringing: Friday 7.30–9.00 pm. Tower contact: Anna Leach 07970 724026 ecvai@hotmail.com Tower Location … [Read more...]

Staines, St Peter

Tower Details Address: Laleham Road, TW18 2DY (TQ038710) Bells: 8 Weight: 15-2-0 in F Service Ringing: Sunday 9.00–9.30 am Practice Ringing: Monday 7.30–9.15 pm Tower Contact: Geraldine Forster  01784 459964 Tower Location … [Read more...]